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Limit the number of login attempts in Windows 10


Privacy is a very important topic nowadays. Many electronic devices with personal information now have security measures in place to protect them from unauthorized access. In this guide, we are talking about how to limit the number of login attempts in Windows 10.

Your device may not always be safe using device security options. Even if you use them, you need to increase security by using their special methods. For example, consider the pattern lock on the Android operating system. It provides some protection, but if someone tries to unlock the device by trying different patterns, the device can be unlocked. It automatically blocks more entries per minute when the wrong patterns are entered multiple times. But even if you enter the passwords incorrectly in the Windows operating system, it will not be blocked. You need to do a few configurations to enable it. Here we discuss in this guide how to do it.

Limit the number of login attempts in Windows 10

Note: This method does not work for Windows 10 Home Edition users.

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run window and type secpol.msc and press the enter key.


  • Go to the Security Settings > Account Policies > Account Lockout Policy path.
  • You will now see three options in the right pane.


  1. Account lockout duration – This option allows you to change the lockout period so that the account cannot be reloaded after a number of incorrect entries.
  2. Account lockout threshold – This option allows you to change the number of erroneous entries required to lock the account.
  3. Reset account lockout counter after – This option allows you to change the time required to re-enter the password after the account is locked.
  • Double-click on the Account lockout threshold option and change the value as you wish.


  • Click the Apply button, and it will prompt you for a new window with two other options. You can change the time of those two options. After configured all, click the OK button.


  • Close every window you opened and restart your computer.

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