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How to use Windows’ Your Phone app


Your Phone app is free, and it developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 users. The Your Phone app lets you connect your Windows 10 device to your iOS device or Android device. In this guide, we are talking about how to use Windows’ Your Phone app.

How can this be useful? As the main features, you can sync photos, messages, notifications, calls, and more without brings back your mobile phone. This will make your day to day work easier. The important thing is this is not like a remote access app. Windows Notifications section displays things like notifications without you having to open your phone screen from the computer. This works with your Microsoft account. Let’s start.

❗ Important: Android phones must have Android 7.0 or a later version.

1. Set up the app

Your Phone app comes with your Windows installation. Open the start menu and type ‘Your Phone’ to find the app. Then click the app to open. If not, you can download the app from the Windows store. Use this link to install that from the store.

  • If your Microsoft account is not connected to your Windows computer, the app will prompt you to log in. After logged in, the interface is like this.


  • Select your mobile type in the app and click the continue button. This time, I click on the Android option.
  • It will show a link. On your android device, open a web browser and go to that link. It will redirect you to the play store.


  • Install and open it. Then, log in to your Microsoft account or click the QR option.
    • If you choose the QR option, go to the desktop app and click the checkbox and open the QR code option. The app will show the QR code and scan it using the mobile app.


    • If you choose the Microsoft account option, do the same thing.
  • After that, you can see some test works. I skip it this time.


  • Almost done. Now you can select the things from the left side pane.




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