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How to Split the Screen in Windows 10


When considering technology from the past to the present day, it is well-known that many technological aspects are focused on multi-purpose and multi-tasking. Multi-Tasking makes things easier. Consider computers, for example. With modern computers, you can do a lot of things at once. You can browse the web while listening to a song. In the meantime, an email server runs and notifies you as soon as you receive the email. How about split your screen for multi-tasking. If you divide your screen into multiple tasks; It will make things easier more and more for you. Modern operating systems have some features for multi-tasking. In this guide, we are talking about how to split the screen in Windows 10 for multitasking works.

Windows 10 includes several pre-installed features that make splitting the screen as easy. But you can add third-party applications for complex control. Let’s talk about some of the pre-installed features and third-party applications.

Windows 10 Snap Assist

Snap Assist allows users to drag and drop windows to sides or corners of the screen you want to snap windows too. Before using this, makes sure this feature is enabled first. Follow these steps.

  • Go to the Windows settings (Windows key + I) and go into the System option.
  • Click on the Multitasking option on the left side panel.
  • Turn on the toggle switch named ‘Snap Windows‘. Also, turn on the three options under that section.


  • Now you can use the Snap Assist feature. Drag your windows to sides or corners until a translucent outline.


  • Then you can adjust the window sizes of both windows simultaneously by clicking the center corner and dragging sides.


Also, Snap Assist supports for three and four windows. Drag and drop windows to screen corners for it.

Windows Shortcuts

This is an easy method. Here are the most useful shortcuts for split-windows.

  • Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow Key: Snap the chosen window to the left or right half of the main screen.
  • Windows key + Upward Arrow Key: Snap the selected window to the top left/right corners of the screen.

Windows PowerToys

PowerToys is Microsoft’s application. You have to download it separately because it has not come with operating system installation. You can use this link to download the Windows PowerToys.

In this application, you can see an option named ‘FancyZones’. It helps for multi-tasking works.


I wrote a full guide about how to use Windows PowerToys before. Go to the following link to read it.

How to use Windows PowerToys – iHackPc.com

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