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How to play YouTube in Background on Android and iOS


Google‘s YouTube is the most popular video platform in the whole world, and anyone can find tutorials, music videos, tv shows, and even news. Also, YouTube is free of charge service. YouTube has an Android app and an iOS app and it is useful for play youtube videos on your mobile device. But it cannot be used as a background music player. Users not just about the video watching, sometimes they want to listen to youtube music in the background while they work with something else on their phone. After closing the YouTube app, it automatically stops the video from playing. But there are some simple methods will allow you to play and listen to YouTube videos in the background while you do something else with your mobile device. In this guide, we provide instructions to play YouTube videos in the background on Android and iOS devices.

YouTube Premium (Android and iOS)


This is the official way to play YouTube videos in background mode. Also with this, you can use YouTube without seeing ads, can access exclusive videos and allows you to download videos. YouTube Premium subscription will cost you $12 just a month, or $18 for a family option (6 Members).

Picture in Picture mode (Android)


This only works with Android Oreo 8.0 and later versions. That seems like a cheat method against YouTube policies. But no, this method is on official youtube help sites.


To enable this option, first go to the settings on your Android device. Select apps and tap the 3 dot menu at the top right corner. Tap Special Access. Select Picture in Picture option. Then you can see the application list on your device. Select the Youtube app and turn on the PiP permission. Now you can play a video at a corner of the screen. Play a YouTube video and simply click the home button. But that only working with the small video box and you can’t use this as a simple music player.


Is YouTube Vanced is illegal?

Yes. It is totally against YouTube policies. From using that app, your google account can be banned permanently.

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