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How to Play DVDs on Windows 10


DVD or Digital Versatile Disc / Digital Video Disc is a digital optical disc storage format. The CD format is enhanced, and the DVD format is created, and the DVDs have a higher capacity and speed than the CDs. DVDs were the most popular media storage media before USB arrived. With the ease of use, many of the DVD users have led to using USB devices, and DVD readers have been phased out for some media players as well. But DVDs are still in use, and the Windows operating system must use several methods to play DVDs media. In this guide, we are talking about how to play DVDs on Windows 10 operating system.

Unfortunately, Windows media player doesn’t support regular DVDs. So how to play DVDs in Windows 10? There are several paid and free third-party applications which can provide solution of playing the DVDs in Windows 10. Let’s talk about some of them.

1. Windows DVD Player


Price – $14.99

As I mentioned earlier, the current use of DVDs has decreased. Therefore, the media player that supports DVD media is not installed before the Windows operating system. You can download this from Microsoft store. The problem is this is not a free application. You can use the free trial to test, and If you feel that this is a good comparison compared to other software, you can get it by paying. Use this link to Download Windows DVD Player.

2. VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player has long been a reliable media player and is free software. You can download the VLC media player from this link. Open the player and insert the DVD; It will automatically open the DVD. If not, go to Media > Open Disc > DVD, and click the play button. Or press the CTRL + D and locate the disk, and click the Play button.


3. 5K Player


5KPlayer is another third party application that can play DVDs. Also, using it, you can snag YouTube videos and other streaming services. I feel like this is the media driver with the most extra features. You have to register it before use, but it is a free application. Insert the DVD and select the DVD option. Use this link to download the 5K Player.

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