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How to Manage Startup Programs in Windows


Startup programs mean they automatically launch software and applications when the computer is turned on.  In some cases, this software can be troublesome. Also useful in some situations. Examples of troublesome situations include taking too long to boot completely. An example of a helpful scenario includes automatic antivirus software implementation. By disabling unnecessary startup programs in Windows operating system, you can speed up booting time on your PC. That means selecting only the programs you need and launching them automatically. If you have a workstation computer, you can add applications to use. This will enable you to start the computer and get things done right away. In this guide, we are talking about how to manage startup programs in Windows operating system.

Disable Startup Programs

#Method 1

To disable startup programs in Windows 10, move the cursor to the taskbar, right-click and choose the ‘Task Manager’ option.


Next, go to the ‘Startup’ tab at the top of the window. Now you will see the application list that automatically starting with booting.


Identify programs you don’t need. Right-click on each of them, choose the disable option.


#Method 2

Open the start menu, type ‘Startup apps.’ Now you will see the search result like the following image. Click on that to open the settings. (or Settings > Apps > Startup)


Now toggle off the application that you don’t need at the startup.


Set Custom Apps To Run On Startup

Might not all apps and programs you need in the startup menu. If not, you might add your application to the start menu. Try this method to add custom programs to the menu.

Press the Windows key + R key to open the Run window. Then type shell:startup and click the Run button or press the Enter key.


It will open the Startup folder from the Windows Explorer. Now you can create any program’s shortcut to this folder; it will be added to the startup programs menu.

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