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How to find out which apps are using your webcam in Windows 10


Privacy is important to anyone. Any laptop computer currently on the market, as well as desktop computers, has a webcam. Webcams can be very useful, but they can also be a big problem if the webcam uses the apps on your computer when you don’t need them. This problem can be avoided by disconnecting the webcam when not in use, but when reusing the webcam, there are times when other apps may use your webcam without permission. There is a way you can get information about the apps that use the webcam to avoid such dubious situations. In this guide, we are talking about how to find out which apps are using your webcam in Windows 10 operating system.

There are many ways to do this. But here I am using a tool provided by Microsoft itself because it is more reliable than the others. Follow the steps below.

How to find out which apps are using your webcam in Windows 10

Step 1: Download the Process Explorer tool.

First, you need to download the Process Explorer tool. It is smaller than 2 MB.

Step 2: Copy the driver value of the webcam

When using the Process Explorer tool, you need the driver value to find out which application the driver is using. Now we need to get the value of the webcam. Follow the steps below.

  • Right-click on the Start menu button and choose the Device Manager option.


  • Find the Cameras option and expand it clicking the drop-down arrow.


  • Right-click on your web camera and select the Properties option.
  • Switch to the Details tab and click the Property drop-down menu and select the Physical Device Object Name option.


  • Right-click on the value and select the copy option.

Step 3: Process Explorer

This is the last step, and in this step, we will check the apps that are using the webcam.

  • Open the Process Explorer you downloaded before.
  • It shows an agreement on the first run. Click the Agree button there.
  • You should now see a complex window. Click the CTRL + F buttons.
  • Now paste the value of the previously copied webcam in the Handle or DLL substring box and then click the Search button.


  • It will now show you what applications your webcam is using at this point.


If you do not recognize the application, right-click on it, and select the kill-process option to stop it.

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