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How to Find Lost Phone (Stolen Phone)


Losing your phone is a pain. It can end up being a security risk because many users store important information and data on their phones. Fortunately, modern phones have features to find the phone, remotely erase all data, or fully lock down their phones. This guide provides instructions on how to find a lost or stolen phone. You must try these methods before your phone lost. Now we talk about it.

How to Find Your Lost Android Phones

This locating service comes with the system applications of Android phones. Before you lost your phone, there are just a couple of things you’ll need to activate. Connect your Google account with your phone. And also, the phone must be enabled the ‘Find My Device’ option. That option is default enabled. But check that again, according to our guide. Open the settings and tap on the Security option. It has an option named ‘Device Administrators.’ Tap on it. You will see ‘Find My Device’ so that a checkmark appears in the checkbox. If not seems checkmark on the checkbox, add a checkmark for it. Then, return to the main Settings menu. Select the Location option and turn it on. Tap the ‘Mode’ and select ‘High accuracy.’ Back again to the Location option and tap on the ‘Google Location History’ option and turn on it.

Now we look at how to locate after lost the phone. Open a web browser from another phone or computer. Go to android.com/find link and log in to your google account. If prompt two-step verification, enter a backup code. Now you can see three options. There is Play a sound, Secure Device, and Erase Device. Also, you can see a map with your phone’s location. Sometimes that can not be working. The most likely cause is that your phone not currently connected to WiFi or cellular network. Keep trying. The moment your phone connects a network, it will show on your map.


If you can’t find your phone yet, go to the police station or another authority.

How to Find Your Lost iPhones

Like Android phones, that option comes with the system to iPhones. The easiest method to find a lost iPhone, if you’ve got a paired Apple Watch, swipe up the screen on the watch. Its bing up the control center. Now find the ping button and tap on it. The ping button looks like a vibrate icon. Now your phone rings a sound. Keep using the ping option until you find your phone.

And you can use the ‘Find my iPhone’ option. For this, your phone must be connected before with your apple account. Visit iCloud.com on a PC to find it. Log in with your iCloud account. Then, click the Find my iPhone option. Also, try the play sound option. If you still can’t find your phone, click on ‘Lost Mode.’ Enter a contact number where someone who found the phone can reach you.


If you can’t find your phone yet, go to the police station or another authority.

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