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How to create Scheduled Tasks in Windows


On Windows, when it comes to this issue, most people remember the startup programs. But no, Startup programs start when the computer starts. Windows has a pre-installed tool to create scheduled tasks, and it helps to assign time to launch specific applications. In this guide, we are talking about how to create scheduled tasks in Windows 10.

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Open the Task Scheduler tool

Open the start menu and type ‘Task Scheduler‘ to search the tool.


Then open the tool from the search result. It will open Task Scheduler. The interface looks like the following image.


Create a Basic Task

  • Click on the ‘Create Basic Task‘ option at the Actions panel.


  • Then put a name and description to your task. Click the Next button.


  • Choose the time to run; then click the next button.


  • Now it will ask the time period. Choose it and click the next button.


  • I chose the ‘Start a program‘ option because we discuss in this guide are about applications. After selection, click the next button.


  • Select the application or script you want to scheduled run. Here I selected a python script. After then click the next button.


In the final step, you can see your configured settings. If all of correct, click the finish button.


Delete a scheduled task

Click on the ‘Task Scheduled Library‘ option at the left side pane. It will show a list of scheduled tasks. If there has not your created task, refresh the list by clicking the refresh button at the actions panel.


Select the task you want to delete, click the delete option at the Actions panel.


⚠️ Attention: Do not delete unknown tasks. Maybe they are system functions.

If you want to add an advanced task, click the ‘Create Task‘ option at the action panel.


In this method, steps are the same as the basic method. But you can add advanced configurations to the task like administrator privileges.

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