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How to Block Any Website on Windows 10


There are several reasons to restrict a website on your computer. If your computer use kids, that want to restrict all of the unwanted websites. Also, you may want to block websites like social media sites and scam sites. Some websites are spreading malware and steal visitors’ personal data. In this guide, we provide instructions about how to block any website on Windows 10.

  • There are different methods to block a specific website on Windows. First, you want to choose where you want to apply these restrictions. You can block websites from these places.
    From Web Browser
  • From Operating System
    From using Third-party software
    From Network Router

From Operating System

Websites are working with IP addresses, and when we browse the website with the domain name, it automatically converts to their IP address from a DNS server. Windows has an internal DNS system called the ‘HOSTS’ file. You can block websites by configuring this file.

That need to log in to your computer with an Administrator account. Then go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ path. You can see a file named ‘hosts’ without an extension. Before configuring this file, go the ‘hosts’ file’s properties menu by right click on it and selecting the properties option. Click on the Security tab, select the administrator account, and click Edit. Select the account and check the box named ‘Full control.’


Then click the Apply button. Now you can open the ‘hosts’ file from Windows notepad. Now follow these examples.
If you want to block the Facebook website, add the following lines to the ‘hosts’ file. www.facebook.com web.facebook.com m.facebook.com www.fb.com


If you want to block the Yahoo website, add the following lines to the ‘hosts’ file. www.yahoo.com

Then save the ‘hosts’ file and reboot your computer.

From Web Browser

Browsers have not an inbuilt option to block websites. There want to install an extension or plugin to restrict websites. Go to the options of your browser, and you can see extensions or plugin menu in there. You can go to the web browsers extensions site and download the extensions you want.

Google Chromehttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/



From using Third-party software

All of this kind of software almost has a parent’s control feature. You can block all of the unwanted sites or prevent specific sites from using that software.





These have another lot of features, and you can find that on their websites.


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